Composite Doors

Why Choose a Rockdoor Composite Door?

At Rockdoor we believe that not all doors are made equal; Rockdoor Composite doors are unique in terms of security, energy ratings and style.

With 3 door series’, the Ultimate, Elite and Select, Rockdoor has a composite door to suit every home and every budget as we believe everyone should have access to the best when it comes to protecting your family at home.

Each of our doors are tailor made to your exact specification meaning there is no need for cutting or altering to fit, which is often the reason for a door weakening. Our composite doors contain no timer, eliminating the chances of warping or twisting, at Rockdoor, we believe you deserve the best.

Since we started making composite doors in 1996, we’ve never stopped innovating. With almost a million homeowners in the UK trusting Rockdoor to protect their homes and families, you know you’re buying the best composite door when you buy from Rockdoor.

Rockdoor Composite Doors

Choosing the right Rockdoor Composite Door

With so many different styles, prices, security and energy ratings available choosing the right composite door can be difficult, which is why we have designed 3 different ranges to choose from, the Ultimate, Elite and Select.

Each series includes a variety of different styles, along with a huge range of glass designs and door colours, so you can be sure that you can find a door that’s right for you and your style of property.

Whichever Rockdoor range you choose a door from you can rest assured that it will last the test of time, we are extremely proud that our range of composite doors last well over 30 years, even with excessive slamming!

To browse our range of door styles or find out more about the different series’ simply download our brochure today or if you already know which Rockdoor composite door is right for you, we have a network of approved installers throughout the UK waiting to give you a free no obligation quote, find your local installer today.

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