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Homeowners often see back doors as less significant as front doors, whether this is because they are not seen or used as much, we're not sure, but in fact, having a secure back door is even more important than having a secure front door. Research shows that a door is 70% more likely to be targeted by a burglar; in particular back doors as they are generally out of sight and are typically a much inferior door.

With the frightening news that police may no longer attend burglaries hitting the headlines in summer 2015, choosing a Rockdoor for your back doors seems like the only choice to keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

Rockdoor has over 25 styles of composite doors, all of which are available in 13 colours, so although your back door may not be in the pride of place it can still look it’s best whilst ensuring you and your family are safe – no matter how hard they try to get in, the only way through a Rockdoor is with a key.

With a range of stylish exterior back door designs available we guarantee to have a back door that will suit your requirements. Browse our new brochure for the latest designs and why not use our new and improved Design & Order tool where you can design your new secure back door exactly as you'd like it.

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Stable Doors

A Rockdoor Stable Door is quickly becoming an increasingly popular back door choice. The stable door is a single door which can be opened in two halves for versatility, a fantastic solution for those with pets or small children; the stable door ensures safety whilst allowing fresh air to flow through the home.

A Stable Door ingeniously combines the purposes of a door and window without requiring the space for both! Rockdoor Stable Doors carry the lowest U-Value and Energy Rating compared against any other Stable Door on the market.

Need a new back door? Try our door designer to find your perfect door.

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French Doors

For those with a large aperture for the back door, a Rockdoor French Door could be just the solution for you; as with all of our composite doors they offer style, security and thermal efficiency whilst allowing light into the room.

Some may think that French Doors are an easy target for burglars, however, our range of French Doors feature an aluminium core along with a high-security multi-point locking system – there will be no unwanted visitors coming through a set of Rockdoor French Doors, that’s for sure!

Vault Doors

The Rockdoor Vault is ideal for composite back doors, particularly if you feel vulnerable in your home, or your home has a secluded back garden. The Rockdoor Vault door is extremely strong, making it almost impossible for a burglar to get into your home through the back door. The Vault works by having a special lock that only works from the inside of your house, leaving no external cylinder lock a burglar can attack. After all, how often do you use your key to lock the back door from the outside?

Ask your Rockdoor Installer

If you already know which back door is right for you, Find your local installer today, and let us do the rest. For more information on our range of Rockdoor back doors including the available styles, download our brochure or browse through the 'Styles' area of our website.

Most door installers will provide competitive prices for front and back door combinations, after all, they themselves realise the importance of security for all the entrance doors of your property. Therefore don't be afraid to ask for more information from your Rockdoor installer.

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