The Largest Collection of Glazed A-Rated Composite Doors

In a move designed to keep Rockdoor at the forefront of the composite door market,  all our doors have been re-tested by Build Check and certified by Certass to ensure we are compliant with the new legislation.

Having come out of the tests with flying colours, Rockdoor continues to offer the largest collection of glazed A-Rated composite doors in the industry – Now thats A fact.







Tried, Tested and fully Accredited

The criteria for testing door sets changed recently with the introduction of CE marking, ultimately making it harder for composite door manufacturers to achieve an A-Rating.






How do we achieve A-Rated Composite Doors?

Rockdoor is able to offer industry leading thermally efficiency in composite doors thanks to many innovative manufacturing techniques as detailed below.






50mm Door Sash & Carbon Fibre Reinforced Inner Frame

Our 50mm thick door composite door sash, which is injected with high density PU foam, is then strengthened through the inner frame with Carbon Fibre reinforcing. The innovative use of Carbon Fibre in doors not only provides additional strength to what is already the UKs strongest composite door, it ensures the thermal transfer of heat from inside the house is kept extremely low.

Most GRP or Timber composite doors available are only strengthened with timber, meaning they aren’t as strong as Carbon Fibre, and are nowhere near as thermally efficient.


Soft Coat Thermally Efficient Glass

Additionally, Rockdoors use of Soft Coat Glass (often referred to as Low E Glass), Warm Edge Spacer Bars and Argon Gas ensures a perfect thermally efficient combination.

Soft Coat Glass features a coating which ensures minimum heat loss through the glass itself but provides maximum solar gain. Argon Gas and Warm Edge Spacer technology also combine to ensure warm air is kept inside the home.

Finally, and possibly our biggest advantage in the composite door market, is our use of Press Glazed Technology. This is a technique which encapsulates the double glazed unit within the door itself at point of manufacture, rather than cutting a hole in afterwards and clipping the glass in place.  This means that your Rockdoor suffers no drafts (or air leakage as known in the testing industry) which is common with the use of cassette glazing. It also makes your Rockdoor much more secure.




For more information about selling the UKs most thermally efficient composite door, please call 0845 313 10 12.