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All About RAL Codes

Posted by Regan · November 15th 2022

Why are we talking about RAL codes?

If you have ever completed any kind of home renovation work, or are currently working on a DIY project, you may require a four-digit code to determine a colour to match or complement your properties existing features. This colour code is called a RAL code.

RAL codes are extremely useful in the renovation world allowing homeowners and tradesmen everywhere to identify the EXACT colour with just four digits.

The term ‘RAL’ actually comes from a German group (Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingunge) and this European colour coding system has been around for almost 100 years, with them now becoming universal across Europe.

Why are they used and how do you use a RAL code?

RAL codes are used to avoid any confusion when it comes to ordering a coloured product, whether that be new uPVC windows or a brand new composite Rockdoor. From fabricators and manufacturers to decorators, they all use RAL codes every day.

To make RAL codes even easier, most now also have names which was done to prevent confusion if the digits were to become mixed up, with some popular colours being well known by their name alone, such as anthracite grey (RAL 7016), agate grey (RAL 7038) and sapphire blue (RAL 5011) to name just a few.

RAL codes can be extremely useful when it comes to choosing your new Rockdoor, particularly if  you need to match your new entrance door to the current colour of your home features, such as existing windows, garage, or cladding.

Whilst all man-made colours have a RAL code assigned, if you’re trying to match up to a natural wood shade such as light oak, Irish oak or rosewood these colours are often identified by simply their name. See our guide below for the nearest colour match to all our colours including our wooden tones.

So, what colours do Rockdoor offer?

We offer a variety of colours to suit both contemporary and traditional tastes, making use of RAL codes! In fact, there are 14 different Rockdoor colours to choose from which include universal RAL codes, and others – such as our natural wood colours that are the closest match to a RAL code.

Rockdoor colour combinations

At Rockdoor, we want the door you choose to be the right one for you, whether that be a front door, back door or French door, it’s important that the style and colour suits your home and you.

That’s why when it comes to designing your door, you can choose a matching frame to the door, or you can really get creative and choose high contrasting colours making a real statement!

One of our absolute favourite matching colour combinations is anthracite grey (RAL 7016), where the homeowner has matched the door, windows and fascia as pictured above!

Or why not follow the lead of these homeowners and make a real statement with different coloured frames and doors. Some combinations that are popular are white (RAL 9010) and ruby red (RAL 3011) which has worked for decades, along with Irish oak and anthracite grey (RAL 7016)! Check the photo on the left out for yourself.

Design a door on our Rockdoor 3D composite door designer, where you can design the door exactly as you’d like.

Still struggling to decide on the right colour for you? Simply message us on Facebook or Instagram and we can send one of our colour swatches out to you directly.

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