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Definition of a Composite Door?

Posted by Lea · April 26th 2011

Having looked around Rockdoors wide range of composite doors you may have come to ask yourself the question – what makes a composite door a composite door?

The answer can be found in the combination of materials used in the production process for composite doors. A rigid PVC-U skin which is 3mm in thickness is moulded onto a reinforced PVC-U inner frame and filled with high-density polyurethane foam insulation. Revolutionary composite door technology for front doors, back doors and stable doors was developed in America and first became available in the UK around twenty years ago.

Rockdoor composite doors are innovatively designed to combine an authentic, traditional wood grain timber appearance, with a host of benefits to eliminating the notorious drawbacks of wooden doors; namely painting, weathering, warping and draughts.

Each component material of a composite door has been carefully selected to create a front door, back door or stable door which is low maintenance, heat efficient, soundproofed, weather protected, robust and totally secure. At around twice the thickness of a UPVC door, a composite door is similar in weight to a wooden front door or back door for a feeling of quality.

Composite doors are especially advantageous over wooden and standard UPVC doors, in terms of security, durability and energy efficiency. Each individually crafted Rockdoor composite door features a state of the art multi-point locking system for maximum security peace of mind. The outer shell of a composite door remains stable throughout seasonal temperature changes, unlike a wooden door which shrinks and expands in hot and cold weather.

A composite door, therefore, retains its strength as the materials are not weakened by temperature-related contraction or expansion or the need to force an expanding wooden door which is sticking. With far greater insulation than a timber front door, back door or stable door, composite doors offer significant energy cost savings and a lower carbon footprint!

Rockdoor was one of the first composite door manufacturers in the UK and our experience has lead to our reputation for outstanding quality front doors, back doors, stable doors and French Doors. Choose a composite door from Rockdoor and enjoy the ultimate combination of modern technology, functionality and reliability, with the timeless charm and style of a traditional timber door.

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