June’s Share & Inspire

Posted by Lea · August 4th 2017

We always receive such a variety of designs and this month was no exception! With Rockdoor having over 20 different designs, available in 15 different colours – the possibilities are endless.

June was the 11th month of the competition and we have received some fantastic imagery throughout that time. From the first door to the last, we still love what we’re seeing. The point of the competition is to inspire others, a Rockdoor can completely transform a home and this is a fantastic way of showing other homeowners how a small change can make a big difference.

Of course, the most important part of a competition is the prize. Each month we award one homeowner a £25 M&S voucher. We choose the door that we believe most suits the property. The homeowners that have thought about the style of their property and what door and colour will complement it best.

We received a lot of Newarks this month, in a range of colours and glass designs. We also saw a number of Ruby Red doors, which was great to see, we honestly don’t see them enough! As always, it was a tough decision to pick a winner but in the end we made our choice.

This month we chose a stable door as the winner of the competition for the first time! The beautiful Cream Stable View Light works perfectly with the brickwork. Stable doors add both charm and convenience – they allow ventilation whilst keeping children and pets safely inside and add a traditional feel to the property.  

The door was installed by Gemini North West.

A big thank you to everyone that has entered the competition so far! Remember the winner receives a £25 M&S voucher, so if you haven’t entered yet make sure you send in your photo to share@rockdoor.com. Alternatively you can send it through Facebook or twitter @rockdoorltd.

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