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Rockdoor, Colour Conundrum

Posted by Lea · January 26th 2017

It should be easy, everyone has their favourite colours, but it’s a whole different story when you’re searching for the perfect coloured front door or back door for your property.

Twenty to thirty years ago, almost 90% of uPVC double glazed doors sold were White. Colour wasn’t necessarily the main consideration back then, as homeowner’s main concern was changing their drafty old wooden or aluminium doors for a thermally efficient uPVC door. Fast forward to today and colour needn’t be scarified for thermal efficiency.

To help you choose the perfect coloured Rockdoor, we’ve put together a useful guide to helping you make the right decision.


Although commonly the main colour choice of doors for the last twenty years, white lost its sparkle about five years ago as coloured doors, such as red, greens and blues, became all the rage. However with the introduction of new contemporary Rockdoor styles such as the Vogue and Vermont, it’s had welcome resurgence as a sleek and stylish colour. White is well and truly back where it belongs.

Slate Grey

This is the new grey on the block. Slate grey (RAL 7015) is slightly lighter than the anthracite grey (RAL 7016), but is fast growing in popularity, both to match Aluminium light grey as well as a stand-alone door colour choice. Matching windows, trims and rooflines are now increasingly available in slate grey to match our door perfectly.

Anthracite Grey

Introduced to the Rockdoor collection in 2010, anthracite grey (RAL 7016) quickly became one of our best-selling composite door colours. Its popularity has been matched with the dramatic growth in anthracite grey windows, rooflines and bi folding doors. It looks fantastic whether on traditional houses or modern new builds.


Black Rockdoors became an instant hit when launched in 2008. Each black Rockdoor door leaving our production line features revolutionary Heat Shield technology, designed to prevent dark coloured doors from absorbing heat. Black look fantastic on all our door styles and compliments all glass designs.

Light Oak (Golden Oak)

Light oak, commonly known as golden oak, has been extremely popular over the past 20 years both as a composite door, but also as a uPVC door. It is designed to perfectly match light oak window profiles, making it the perfect colour and looks fantastic with either a matching or white outerframe.

Irish Oak

Irish oak Rockdoors were launched in 2012 as a lighter alternative to the light oak colour. Since its release it has become a popular colour for not only doors, but for windows and roofline. Its lighter shading ensure it looks closer to that of traditional timber doors.


We introduced Rosewood to our colour spectrum many years ago as an addition to mahogany. Rosewood Rockdoors look great when combined with matching windows and light coloured bricks or stone work.

Chartwell Green

Chartwell green is a very soft and gentle shade of green, much lighter than the traditional green. It has become incredibly popular in recent years, forever being paired with our Newark door to create a vintage style.


Cream is a classic colour, perfect for Rockdoor styles such as the English Cottage and our collection of Stable Doors. A little softer than white, but still timeless in aesthetics. Customers often choose Cream Rockdoors together with matching, cream sash windows.

Ruby Red

Ruby red as we call it has always been a classic door colour, and has remained fashionable throughout the years. It gives doors a burst of colour, whilst still being traditional and fun. If you want to make a statement with your door, ruby red is the way to go.

Emerald Green

Green doors might not be for everyone, but when combined within the right property, in the right setting such as when ivy is present, the results can be truly fantastic and allow the door to blend in with environment.

Sapphire Blue

What better way to add style to your home than with a blue Rockdoor front door. Sapphire blue front doors have proved popular over the years with homeowners wanting to add a touch of class.

Can’t decide, then why not mix and match?

As Rockdoors are tailored made to order, customers can mix and match to their hearts content. You don’t have to have white or matching outerframe; you don’t have to have white as an internal colour. The choice is yours. For more information on what combinations are available please contact your local Rockdoor Trusted Installer and for more inspiration, head to our Instagram page @rockdoorltd

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