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Posted by Lea · April 13th 2018

When it comes to buying a new composite exterior door, there are so many different options it can really be quite daunting.

Once you’ve chosen the type of door you want whether that be Composite, GRP or Timber you then have to choose brands, colours, style and lastly, your installer – and let’s face it there are a lot of these about, some good, some… not so good!

It’s obvious that when you’re taking the step of replacing your front or back door, you want an installer that you can trust, which is why at Rockdoor we have collaborated with a number of installers up and down the country to create a scheme called Rockdoor Trusted Installers. This is to give you the peace of mind that your door will be fitted efficiently and to the highest standard.

What makes a Trusted Rockdoor Installer?

All of our Trusted Installers have received training on how to fit a Rockdoor perfectly, ensuring you and your family are protected by your new composite door, after all so many homeowners choose Rockdoor because of the unique security features such as Carbon Fibre and S-Glaze technology. All of our Trusted Installers have fantastic product knowledge about all of our Rockdoors – Front Doors, Stable Doors and French Doors – which means if you’re unsure they’ll be able to help you find a door that will suit your lifestyle!

Poppy Windows, based in St. Helens, have been a trusted installer since we began running the scheme and now truly understand Rockdoor. “I can honestly say that out of all the brands of competitor doors that we install, we simply don`t get called back to Rockdoors. That`s down to the fact that we install them correctly and we are Trusted Installers. We understand the adjustment on the hinges, which is where the small installer can go wrong.”

How to find a Trusted Rockdoor Installer?

We have over 100 Trusted Installers throughout the UK and it’s so easy to find a Trusted Installer in your area! Simply click here and fill in the form, then one of our Trusted Installer specialists here at head office will help to find the perfect Installer for you.

To view our full range of Rockdoors, including our French doors, download our brochure, or follow us on social media @Rockdoorltd for some inspiration!

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