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Two Become One

Posted by Lea · August 11th 2011

A stable door might come in two halves but there are no half measures in terms of desirability where Rockdoor stable doors are concerned! A Rockdoor stable door is a single door with ingenious double functionality to suit your lifestyle!

By utilising the versatility of a stable door, rather than installing a conventional front door or back door, you’ll be able to conveniently open the top half of your stable door to allow fresh air ventilation into your home and enable you to enjoy the warm summer weather; yet be confident that your children and pets are secure.

The possibility to be a front door or back door gives this half and half composite door double versatility! A stable door will open inwards or outwards according to your needs and the two halves can be operated independently or can be locked together to operate in unison as one door. Quite literally, two become one!

Rockdoor’s sophisticated seal ensures supreme weather protection for the centre join of your stable door, so it will be reliably draught free and leak proof. Doubly impressive, a composite stable door from Rockdoor will also be heat efficient, thanks to the scientifically developed insulating foam core.

A stable door will help to reduce your energy bills and minimise your carbon footprint! The introduction of UPVC front doors and back doors to replace traditional timber doors was welcomed for their energy-saving potential. However, the evolution of composite doors at almost twice the thickness of UPVC doors has taken thermal efficiency to a whole new level! Rockdoor composite stable doors are even soundproofed for good measure!

You’ve probably already put two and two together and worked out that thanks to innovative technology, installing a Rockdoor composite stable door avoids the high maintenance associated with timber front doors and back doors. Unlike a UPVC front door or back door, each stable door is individually crafted with millimetre precision to your exact specifications, to ensure it will reliably open and close perfectly every time.

Unlike a wooden door, a composite door will not shrink or expand in hot or cold weather due to the carefully selected component materials, so no sanding will ever be required! The notorious, labour intensive drawbacks of timber front doors and back doors; namely chipping, peeling and painting are also eliminated!

Produced with a ten-year guarantee, a one-off quick wipe with warm soapy water and your stable door will look good as new, year after year! Rockdoor composite stable doors are crafted in a wide choice of colours in comparison to the narrow colour spectrum of UPVC doors, including white, black, red, blue, green, grey, and natural wood shades ranging from light oak to mahogany.

Whilst white remains the most popular composite door colour, black is now in second place, thanks to our exclusive, scientifically developed Heat Shield Technology. Heat Shield prevents dark colours absorbing the sun’s heat, so a black composite door can reflect the sun’s harmful rays as effectively as a white door, to eliminate the risk of bending, warping and cracking. With Rockdoor, the market leader, you can even choose different colours for the inside and outside of your composite stable door!

For once, being two-faced is highly desirable! You might say Rockdoor know more than a thing or two about security, as both halves of our stable doors are equipped with a state of the art, multipoint locking system, along with a reinforced inner and outer frame, for your total peace of mind. Rockdoor stable doors also synthesize your need for privacy whilst allowing light into your home, with spy view or light view glass sizes available along with a solid version.

Choose a robust, high quality, composite stable door from Rockdoor and enjoy the ultimate combination of modern technology, functionality, durability, reliability and security, with the timeless charm and style of a traditional timber door. You won’t be in two minds about choosing Rockdoor stable doors as they come with a reassuring ten-year guarantee! With such versatility that two become one, you’ll fall in love with your Rockdoor stable door!

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