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What does a Doberman and a Rockdoor have in common?

Posted by Lea · March 31st 2020

Following on from our British Bulldog last week, here is our next doggy Rockdoor comparison…

The Doberman

The Doberman is both a great family pet but is also iconic as a guard dog, and that is exactly why we chose this dog here to emphasise the security of a Rockdoor.

Perhaps we are stretching it when we say if you have a Rockdoor you do not need a Doberman, as after all, they make a great pet and a great dog to provide an additional layer on security in addition to a Rockdoor. With their sleek coat, strong athletic build, and regal appearance they are similar to a Rockdoor for inner strength and good looks!

What’s Next?
We’ll be posting another cute dog picture here next week, so stay tuned…

Stay Safe.

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