Next Generation Rockdoor

Future Proofing Rockdoor

The challenges for all door manufacturers following the extreme temperature fluctuations of 2018 were stark meaning we had to change. Exceptionally hot and cold temperatures meant all doors, whether a Timber, GRP or PVC door, had to withstand stresses and strains. All doors want to move, the challenge was to manage the move and limit it.

This led us to redesigning the inner frame to feature a stronger Aluminium box section.  But once developed, we wanted to make sure Rockdoor was future proofed, so we commissioned a purpose-built Environment Simulator in early 2019. 

Environment Simulator

We wanted to take our door from one extreme to another ensuring it could resist everything from freezing winters to blistering summers. It then allowed us to accurately test our doors knowing what temperatures they have been subjected to. The test rig features sensors to record the temperature of 25 powerful heat lamps as well as cold air fans capable of dropping the temperature to sub-zero.

Subjecting a door to either extreme temperatures isn’t enough, it needed to be done in incremental stages allowing the door to return to normal to replicate the natural environment and allow us to  measure the results. 


Following a years’ worth of testing and monitoring, we are delighted with the results. Our new Aluminium box section performs far better than carbon fibre at eliminating bowing. Since the relaunch, Next Generation Rockdoors have outperformed both ours and our customers expectation, with a 0% failure rate for bowed slabs.