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There is more to Rockdoor

A Rockdoor is more than just an entrance door, it represents your family being safe, fewer draughts and less noise from outdoors in your home.

It’s important that all our homeowners, know exactly why Rockdoors are the best composite door on the UK market, so below is just a little reminder…

Reassuringly Rockdoor WebP

Reassuringly Rockdoor

Carrying over 25 years of experience in composite door manufacturing, we have a wealth of knowledge in what it takes to make a composite door the very best.

There is not quite another feeling like opening and closing a Rockdoor, it’s clear that only the best components have been used in it’s construction.

Tailor Made WebP

Tailor Made

We want each and every one of our Rockdoors to be as strong as the next.  Which is why ALL of our Rockdoors are tailor made, not cut to size.

Cutting a door down to size can weaken the door significantly, which is what some competitors and GRP door manufacturers do.

Rising Tide WebP

Rising Tide

The inner frame is completely impervious to water and is reinforced with very strong aluminium. The Aluminium is mitred and runs around the full perimeter of the door sash. Unlike most other composite doors, which have wood inside them which can rot or swell resulting in a door that you cannot close.

Money where our Mouth is

We’re that confident in our products that we offer a £2,000 security guarantee on our cylinders. Our lock cylinders have a TS007 3 Star rating and are SS 312 Sold secure as Standard – not all composite door providers can say that!

Don’t Fade Away

All our doors with a glazing aperture feature our unique S-Glaze technology.

Our S-Glaze technology means that the glazing unit is encapsulated within the door, so a glazing cassette isn’t required. Glazing cassettes not only comprise the security of a door, but are also more likely to fade in colour at a greater speed than the rest of the door, leaving homeowners with a door that can look unsightly.

Meshed Up

Rockdoor is the most secure composite door in the UK. With laminated glass and security mesh, it is virtually impossible to break in through it.

Knock Knock

Rockdoor have consistently been found to be one of the most secure external doors in the UK. When tested with a battering ram, studies showed that a Rockdoor is 35% stronger than a typical composite door.

Repair & Replace? Or Get Burgled?

Repair & Replace? Or Get Burgled?

Let’s be fair, if the glass can be replaced, it can also be removed – by burglars. It’s not rocket science. S-glazing locks the units in place and cannot be removed.

Diamond Tipped WebP

Diamond Tipped

Rockdoors are known for being secure, they are as some call them, near impossible to break in to.

We do recognise that on occasion, emergency services could need to gain access to a home quickly. Which is why we invest in training fire services to gain entry through a Rockdoor – and for that they will need a diamond tipped circular saw – not something a burglar could discreetly use. Your safety is always our number one priority.

Cold Shoulder

The 25mm hook locks combined with the strength of a Rockdoor stop the door from being forcefully barged open by burglars, whilst ensuring there is a tight seal in place to prevent draughts.

There is no doubt about it, a Rockdoor will keep you and your family safe,


The glass is bonded into the door so there is no way it can let in any draughts, or worse, rainwater.

Unlike cassettes that are clipped in which can be draughty and leaky, especially if the hand applied silicone seal fails.

No Bow, No Go

The combination of the strength of the door and the outer frame, the hook locks and the gaskets, ensure that the door will function whatever the weather.

Whether your door is South or North facing, you can rest assured that your Rockdoor will perform throughout the unpredictable seasons of the UK.

Silence Please

Silence Please

The same points that make Rockdoor so thermally efficient, also help keep out external noises like cars whizzing down the road. So if your new door opens up in to your hallway or living room, kitchen or dining room, you can rest assured knowing that after a long day, you can relax and unwind from the outside world.

Thick Skinned

Thick Skinned

Rockdoors are known for their premium quality from the core, right to the skin of the door.

At Rockdoor we use the thickest skin material found on any composite door in the UK, ensuring our  doors can withstand whatever everyday life throws at it.

We Don't Want to Trip You Up

We Don’t Want to Trip You Up

We offer a 15mm aluminium threshold that won’t trip you up.

We also offer two PVC thresholds for extra thermal efficiency.

How Old Are You?

First registered in 1996 after two years of investment and development, we produced our very first Rockdoor in 1997. Many of our doors manufactured in our first year are still operating perfectly on their homes more than 25 years on.

In, Out, Shake It All About

At Rockdoor, we’ve been in the door business long enough to know that doors do move. Which is why not only do our hinges allow for adjustment up and down but they also allow slight adjustments side to side and in and out.

Texture Perfect

Rockdoor’s door skin is unique – we have two textures available. Woodgrain, which perfectly mimics the look and feel of a traditional timber door and the Dune which was designed with the stunning lines of sand dunes in mind, both stunning and more importantly, both can withstand life’s bumps and bangs.

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy 

Rockdoors couldn’t be easier to look after. All it takes to keep your Rockdoor looking as good as new is an occasional wipe with warm soapy water and a quick wipe with some lubricant once a month on any moving components – it really is that easy!

Over Exposed

Over Exposed

On a Rockdoor the keeps are fully adjustable and can be used to increase the compression for a draught proof seal for even the most exposed locations.

Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Heritage plus and keywind locks come with a switch latch as standard. This means you can choose how you gain entry to your home using the latch. You can set it so the door automatically locks behind you or you can choose to set it so the door remains unlocked when you’re going in and out of your home – perfect for when you’re bringing the shopping in.

Made at Home

At Rockdoors we are so proud to say that all our doors are made in the UK and have been for over 25 years, not imported from abroad.

Ensuring quality on every door that leaves our Lancashire based factory.

I’ve Never Seen That Before

All our glass designs are exclusive to Rockdoor. We’re also the only door supplier making the contemporary glass designs using our very own 3D glass design process.

Sleek Finish

Aside from it’s thermal efficiency and security elements, S-glaze is much more aesthetically pleasing as it is part of the door, rather than a cassette that clips in with the later stages of the door.

S-glaze is more secure, more thermal efficient and more stylish.



A 50mm thick door combined with a high density core, energy efficient glass and high performance seals creates a very thermally efficient door – something we’re extremely proud of. Particularly with the rising energy costs throughout the UK.

Why Bother?

Why Bother?

Because we’re obsessed with doors! When we set out in 1996 to design quality composite doors we wanted to create high security doors that look great, was thermally efficient and stand the test of time. And we’re proud to say, that’s what we did, and what we continue to do after 25 years in the composite door market.

Reasons to Choose a Rockdoor

Core Benefits

Rockdoors inner strength is unsurpassed thanks to a combination of a 360° aluminium reinforced inner frame and high-density thermally efficient PU foam. Customers can also choose steel mesh reinforcing for the ultimate in security.

£2,000 Guarantee

Our lock cylinders are burglar proof. A TSOO7 3 star rating, SS 312 Sold Secure Diamond Standard and Secured by Design accreditation see to that, plus our £2,000 security guarantee.

Forced Entry

Rockdoors are designed for strength, it is in our DNA. For over 25 years, we have led the way in composite door development to ensure our doors protect homes and families from unwanted intruders and forced entry.

Hook up with Rockdoor

Strong sintered steel multi point hook locks with a 25mm throw, securely attach the door to the frame to ensure it cannot be forcibly opened by burglars whilst ensuring a better sound and weatherproof seal.

Glass Leading Security

Rockdoors feature S Glaze technology, meaning your glass is locked into your door for life, for added security. It also means no glazing cassettes are used which are prone to fading and discolouration.

Stronger, it's Official!

Rockdoor is consistently found to be one of the most secure doors available in the UK, studies show that a Rockdoor is 35% stronger than a typical GRP door.

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