Ultimate Series Options

Ultimate Series Options

Rockdoors Ultimate Series, our top-of-the-range composite door, is available in 24 different door styles ranging from the contemporary to the traditional.   There are many intricate glass designs to choose from too, as well as the finest quality composite door handles and letterplates available.

Complete Range of Door Styles & Glass Designs

Available in 24 different door styles you can rest assured that the Ultimate Series caters for all styles of properties – new and old.

Each door style has a large collection of intricate glass designs to choose from that feature a combination of stunning Gluechip and Sandblasted glass, with aged lead for a classic finishing touch.

If you choose an Ultimate Series composite door, you have the option of choosing glass designs from our Elite or Select Series too. 


iPhone & iPad Composite Door App

Choosing a door that best suits your property can be a big decision, and its one you want to get right. With this in mind, Rockdoor has developed a free App for iPhones and iPads which allows you to photograph your existing door, then choose from a selection of door styles, colours, and glass designs. You can then view you chosen door over the top of your existing door on screen using AR technology. To download Rockdoors free composite door app please click here.


Door Gallery

For more helping choosing your composite door style, glass design and colour please click here.

Secured by Design

Rockdoor Ultimate Series is available with Secured by Design accreditation. Please ask your installer for more details.