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Rockdoor front doors are the most secure option for your home. Independent studies show time and again that our doors outperform competitor's GRP door in both security and energy savings, so you know you've made the right choice with a Rockdoor.

Our composite front doors come in a wide range of styles and colours and are designed to fit in and enhance the pre-existing features of your home, as well as providing unrivalled security and thermal efficiency.

Composite Front Doors  Rockdoor Front Door

The Perfect Front Door?

Since 1996, we’ve invested heavily in research and development working to create the perfect door. The product of our work is strong, virtually maintenance-free, and will last for decades. Our comprehensive 10-year guarantee gives you assurance in our quality.

Front Door

Made to Measure

Unlike some other manufacturers, we make each of our doors individually, made to measure so that it’s an exact fit for your home. A composite door that’s been cut down or modified to fit will be inherently weaker and less secure than a door that, like ours, has been designed and manufactured to exact measurements.

We don’t believe in cutting corners where your home’s security is concerned. Behind the decorative panels is an inner strength that makes every Rockdoor live up to its name.

Door Set Energy Ratings

We’re proud of the fact that we’re the only composite door manufacturer who offers an entire series of Front Doors, Back Doors and Stable Doors with an A Rating for thermal efficiency. Just as effective insulation and electronics will cut your living costs, a door from our Ultimate series is an investment in the energy efficiency of your home.

We made key efforts in campaigning for Door Set Energy Ratings many years ago, and we’re still at the forefront of industry standards. Other manufacturers may offer A-rated doors, but we’ve found that they often don’t actually make them, or that they can’t accommodate low thresholds or different glass designs.

Choosing your new Rockdoor

We offer our doors in three core ranges. The Ultimate series offers the most advanced doors, both in security and thermal efficiency, while the Select series offers great quality at the best prices, and the Elite series strikes a good balance between cost and features.

Already know which Rockdoor Composite Door is right for you? We have a network of approved and trusted composite door installers across the country waiting to make your home secure. Find a Specialist now to get a quote.

If you’re unsure what door you need, please browse our brochure, or, if you want to get a look at how our doors will look when fitted to your home, download our free app. Our industry-first app lets you take a photo of your property, and try out our whole range of doors and styles in-situ. It’s a great commitment-free solution to allow you to get the best for your home.

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