Composite Doors

Looking for a new composite door?

A composite door is an exterior door made from a variety of materials, allowing homeowners such as yourself to combine the best of both worlds; the classic, stylistic appearance of a wooden door intertwined with the ultimate strong physical properties of combining wood with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), Timber and insulating foam. The phrase ‘composite door’ is now almost synonymous with ‘entrance door’, which is unsurprising considering their fantastic resistance to extreme weather conditions and thermal insulation.

With an attractive wood-grain finish in your choice of colour, composite doors are the ultimate facelift to any home exterior but without the difficulties associated with a wooden door. Requiring nothing more than a wipe down if a composite door becomes dirty, a composite door is more or less maintenance free. What’s more, don’t expect a composite door to fade in colour!

Why Choose a Rockdoor Composite Door?

At Rockdoor we believe that not all doors are made equal; Rockdoor Composite doors are unique in terms of security, energy ratings and style.

Since we started making composite doors in 1996, we have come a long way and produced almost a million exterior doors from our Lancashire innovation and production centre, but just because we are the best at what we do doesn’t mean we will ever stop innovating. With homeowners throughout the UK trusting Rockdoor to protect their homes and families, you know you’re buying the best composite door when you buy from Rockdoor.


How a Rockdoor is made

 Each of our doors are tailor made to your exact specification meaning there is no need for cutting or altering to fit, which is often the reason for external doors weakening. A typical composite door can be made up of a mixture of materials such as GRP, Timber and PU Foam to reduce the amount of warm air escaping and cold air entering a property. At Rockdoor, our composite doors are slightly different in that we don’t use timber through any of our ranges because of the reasons listed above (twisting and warping). Instead we use materials such as Carbon Fibre (throughout our Ultimate range) and Aluminium (within our Elite and Select ranges) to reinforce the core of the door resulting in a strong, thermally efficient door you can put your trust in.

Looking to understand the need for secure composite doors? We’ve covered it in the Rockdoor blog, where you can also read our take on the best composite doors of 2017.

Top benefits of a Rockdoor composite door:

·         Unbeatable strength – independent tests show this!

·         Cost effective – it will well outlast a uPVC or timber door

·         Widest range of A++ doors

·         Brilliant sound proofing quality – great for those living on busy roads

·         A range of door and glass designs available

·         Low maintenance

·         Various accreditations including Kitemark, Secured by Design, Sold Secure and PAS 24

·         Feature the most secure locking system available

·         A range of high quality, stylish furniture to choose from

Choosing the right Rockdoor Composite Door

With so many different styles, prices, security and energy ratings available choosing the right composite door can be difficult, which is why we have designed 3 different ranges to choose from, the Ultimate, Elite and Select.

Each series includes a variety of different styles, along with a huge range of glass designs and door colours, so you can be sure that you can find a door that’s right for you and your style of property.  Here’s a quick and easy to follow benefit list for each of the Rockdoor series’:

Ultimate Rockdoors

Rockdoor Ultimate Doors

Being our premium range of doors, an Ultimate Rockdoor features;

·         Carbon Fibre reinforcement

·         Nickel-coated solid brass hooks

·         50mm sash and high density core

·         S-glaze technology to lock the glass in to place resulting in no leaks or draughts

·         3 Star lock cylinders – the highest available

·         Secured by Design accreditation

·         Made to measure service

·         Includes various styles of front doors, back doors, stable doors and french doors.

Elite Rockdoors

Elite Series

The Elite Series of doors has been specifically developed with those on a budget in mind but rest assured that security will never be compromised, and here’s why…

·         German engineered multi-point locking system

·         S-glaze technology to lock the glass in to place resulting in no leaks or draught

·         6 pin cylinder & cylinder guard

·         Aluminium reinforcement

·         44mm door sash

·         Made to measure

·         Includes various styles of doors including front doors and back door styles

Select Rockdoors

Select Rockdoors

Featuring a range of attractive front and back door styles, our Select Series is an affordable solution that boasts a range of benefits including:

·         German engineered locks

·         S-glaze technology to lock the glass in to place resulting in no leaks or draught

·         6 pin cylinder

·         Aluminium reinforcement

·         Made to measure

·         Includes various styles of front and back doors

Whichever Rockdoor range you choose a door from you can rest assured that it will last the test of time, we are extremely proud that our range of composite doors last well over 30 years, even with excessive slamming!

To browse our range of door styles or find out more about the different series’ simply download our brochure or if you already know which Rockdoor composite door is right for you, we have a network of approved installers throughout the UK waiting to give you a free no obligation quote, find your local installer today.

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