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Rockdoor Composite Back Doors

Homeowners often see back doors as less significant as front doors. Your back door may only be used for going into the garden or into the garage, rather than as the main way in and out of your home. However, it is our experience that having a secure back door is probably even more important than having a secure front door.

Crime statistics regularly show that the majority of burglars break in through the back door, as this door is often weaker. Breaking in through the back door means the criminal is usually out of sight, giving them more time to force their way into your home and to steal your possessions.

If you want a different style of replacement composite back door, why not look at our Stable Doors or French Doors ? These will give you the security you need to protect your home, whilst making your back door even more useful for you.

Composite Back Door  Rockdoor Back Door

Choose your New Back Door

Rockdoor provide 3 simple options to choose from for your back door requirements– Ultimate, Elite and Select.

- Rockdoor Ultimate Back Doors

Back Doors - Ultimate Series

- Rockdoor Elite Back Doors

Back Doors - Elite Series

- Rockdoor Select Back Doors

Back Doors - Select Series

Don't be afraid to ask

Most installers will provide competitive prices for front and back door combinations, after all, they themselves realise the importance of security for all entrance doors of your property. Therefore don't be afraid to ask for more information from your Rockdoor installer.

Stable Doors

Have you considered a Rockdoor Stable Door for your back door or side door? A Rockdoor Stable Door is a single door which comes in two halves for double versatility. Stable doors can function as one door, or the top and bottom halves can be operated independently to allow fresh air into your home whilst keeping your children and pets secure. A stable door ingeniously combines the purposes of a door and window without requiring the space for both! Rockdoor Stable Doors carry a Door Set Energy Rating of B if ordered with clear glass, and feature a security rating of 1.

Back Doors - Stable

French Doors

For those with a large aperture for the back door, have you considered installing composite French Doors from Rockdoor? By installing upvc French Doors, you let generous amounts of light into your home. whilst remaining secure.

Back Doors - French

Vault Doors

The Rockdoor Vault is the ideal composite back door if you feel vulnerable in your home, or your home has a secluded back garden. The Rockdoor Vault door is extremely strong, making it almost impossible for a burglar to get into your home through the back door.

Back Doors - Vault

If you already know which back door is right for you, Find your local installer now, and let us do the rest.  Still not sure? Why not contact us, browse our brochure or download our App, and see which Rockdoor looks the best for your home?

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