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A Rated DSER

Why is Thermal Efficiency Important?

With the cost of living rising, we explore why thermal efficiency matters

S-Glaze Door Glass

Will a Rockdoor Warp in Heat?

Warping is a common problem with some composite doors.

Inner Strength

The Rise of the Rockdoor

Entrance doors have evolved dramatically over the past 30 years with Rockdoor consistently leading the way.


Building Regulation Changes

The Government is making changes to Building Regulations amid the cost of living crisis to help lower energy costs.

Rockdoor Team

Rockdoor Debut at the FIT Show

Rockdoor are delighted to come away from a three-day stint at the FIT show as one of the most popular stands at the show.

Manhattan Rockdoor

New Door Style – The Manhattan

A new door style, aptly named the Manhattan, is now available offering contemporary looks and rock-solid security.


New Year, New Website for Rockdoor

Welcome to our new website! The same great content with a fresh new look.

Irish Oak English Cottage

Spread the Festive Cheer!

This year we are running a Christmas competition to find the most beautifully decorated Rockdoor!

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