Focus on Installation Support

Redeveloping and reinforcing Rockdoors inner frame and improving fill techniques for PU foam are just some of our latest improvements, but we’ve also invested a great deal of energy in creating new fitting and troubleshooting guides for the benefit of all Rockdoor installations. 

Afterall, a Rockdoor that performs well, that’s fitted well, sells the next Rockdoor. 

Five Star Installations 

Our new Five Star Installation guide provides a new way of thinking about installing Rockdoors. Easy to use and easy to navigate pictorial diagrams go into detail about how Rockdoors must be installed, with a detailed product specification now provided in detail. As the weight of the door has increased with our new Aluminium frame, following our step by step guide will result in hassle free operation providing homeowners real satisfaction.

Five Star Trouble Shooting Guide 

In addition to a new installation guide, we are also introducing a new Five Star Troubleshooting guide which helps installers easily diagnose and fix any issues they may have on site. The easy to use guide will also provide detailed information of how Rockdoors can perform if fitted correctly.  

We have been piloting our new Trouble Shooting Guide internally for several months and the results have transformed our approach to customer service allowing us to help customers much more than previously possible.