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A++ Rockdoors Coming soon…

Posted by Lea · July 17th 2015

From October 2015 Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER’s) are scheduled to change, but we’re not worried and neither should you be, because here at Rockdoor, we are gearing up to introduce the ‘the largest collection of glazed A++ Rated composite doors in the industry’, meaning that Rockdoor installers continue to get the most thermally efficient composite doors available. Thanks to the change of the Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER’s) many Rockdoors will automatically be upgraded to the A++ Rating, showing just how energy efficient our range of composite doors are, as there’s no higher limit we could achieve.

The reason for the changes in the DSER’s is so that window and door energy ratings work on the same scale, resulting in an easy to follow and transparent energy rating system for homeowners and installers throughout the UK.

Back in 2013 when we introduced the first A-Rated composite door to the UK, we changed the way Rockdoors were manufactured to ensure we stayed ahead of the competition and guaranteed installers and homeowners a composite door that they could be confident in. The new manufacturing techniques included carbon fibre reinforcing, soft coat glass and press glazed technology.

Teamed with evolving new designs, we’re confident that the new Door Set Energy Ratings will give Rockdoors yet another competitor advantage. As soon as the details of the new testing criteria from DSER’s are officially published, we will be releasing a new version of our popular ‘Guide to Energy Ratings’ Leaflet.

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