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Posted by Lea · March 29th 2011

As we enter British Summer Time (BST), following what can only be described as one of the most severe winters we have experienced in a generation, homeowners need to take steps now to ensure they are ready for the next winter which could bring much of the same.

With temperatures plummeting as low as minus 16 and snow dumps affecting us all, many homeowners struggled to keep their homes warm with drafty Front Doors and Back Doors that provided little or no protection from the winter elements.

Many years ago, the introduction of UPVC doors was welcomed for their energy-saving potential, offering a draught free alternative to traditional timber front doors. Whilst many may look to renewables such as solar panels to heat their homes, many homeowners still need to take basic steps to improve their energy efficiency.

The evolution of uPVC composite doors, with their insulating foam core and high levels of reinforcement, have taken thermal efficiency to a whole new level.

Composite doors offer six times the level of insulation provided by a traditional wooden front door! State of the art Rockdoor front doors all achieve far lower U Values for door heat loss than the limits laid down in the recently introduced building regulations.

Composite front doors eliminate draughts as each individual door is crafted from scratch with millimetre precision and is fully reinforced to avoid bending or warping. By preventing heat escaping, your home will be more comfortable, your energy bills will be reduced and your carbon footprint will be minimised.

Fully tested to exceed industry standards and with a ten-year performance guarantee, Rockdoor has a reputation for quality front doors, as well as outstanding back doors, french doors and stable doors. Rockdoor composite doors offer a series of additional advantages over UPVC doors.

They are more secure, robust, durable and maintenance-free! Unlike UPVC front doors, the realistic wood grain appearance has the charm of a stylish timber front door to add character to your home.

A Rockdoor composite front door is a big step towards bringing your energy bills and carbon footprint down, whilst pushing the value and style of your home up!

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