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Let your Imagination Run Wild with Rockdoor

Posted by Lea · March 29th 2017

One of our favourite parts about manufacturing the most secure composite door available is seeing the end result.

Homeowners spend so much time and consideration designing their perfect door to ensure it either carefully blends into the surroundings or stands out and makes a statement to the neighbours.

That’s why here at Rockdoor we love to see how our doors are used to not only keep families safe and secure but also to complement the environment, in which it’s lovingly installed.

When Rockdoor was created 25 years ago, there was no such thing as Google, let alone social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In the past we would have searched a brochure, looking for what we wanted.

Now it is so much simpler, everything is accessible through our smartphones at the touch of a button. Customers often upload their pictures to Instagram or twitter for the world to see, and using the hashtag #Rockdoor or tagging us in the image ensures we see it too!

With over 20 door designs available in 13 different colours, there are countless different combinations. From anthracite grey Vogues with bar handles, to black Jacobeans with urn knockers, there is something to suit every property. We love seeing a Rockdoor installed on a property and getting to see the owner’s style and the taste is reflected in their home.

Long gone are the days where we have to forgo style for door security. And with our different range of Rockdoor composite doors, Ultimate, Elite and Select there’s a door for every budget. Our Instagram page shows such a varied selection of doors, there is something for everyone.

To inspire our potential customers we upload all of our favourite images to our Instagram page. This is the perfect way to showcase our doors in all their different forms. From ruby red to light oak, from French doors to Stable doors, our Instagram shows off what we do best.

Something like this Chartwell green Cottage Spy View is great inspiration for homeowners. The homeowners have designed their Rockdoor to match their Chartwell Green PVC-u windows and natural stone brickwork, and it looks fantastic.

Not only is the homeowner pleased with the end result, but they can also sleep soundly at night knowing the entrance of their homes is protected by a Rockdoor.

Showing internal views of our doors is also important to us as it is often overlooked, but it can make such a drastic difference to the inside of the home and add real style. With a solid door like the Indiana, the glass side panels and fanlight really open up the hallway creating light bright spaces, adding to the contemporary feel of the door.

Instagram gives us a whole new space to connect with homeowners, giving them new photos and ideas that perhaps don’t feature in our brochure. So if you’re after some inspiration, head to @rockdoorltd and take a look through some of our favourite doors!

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