French Doors

French Doors

Rockdoor Composite French Doors make an excellent addition to any home, they provide clear and welcoming access into garden and patio areas, and their clear glass panels help to bring light and life into the house, even in the grey days of winter.

We’ve given the traditional French Doors our own Rockdoor touch, spending time and effort to develop a set of doors that truly stands out from the rest of the market, not only in style but in strength, security and unrivalled energy efficiency.

French Doors can often be considered a vulnerable point in a property, with burglars needing little more than a spade to break through them to gain access to your home, this was of course until we introduced the Rockdoor Composite French Doors to our range of already secure doors.

As with all of our door styles, security is always at the forefront of our mind and so, we’ve focussed hard on preventing unauthorised entry, and have developed the most secure French Doors available – French Doors that will undoubtedly keep you and your family safe.

Independent tests agree that our doors are secure. But we’re never just pleased with ‘good enough’, and have pushed our French doors to meet our own standards, which are above and beyond what the industry requires.

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How are Rockdoor French Doors so Strong?

For extra strength, an aluminium reinforced inner frame is added to our range of Rockdoors resulting in solid fixings to all the door locking components. An integral part of our composite French Doors is top and bottom steel shoot bolts that securely fasten into the outer frame, whilst the second door has zinc hooks to strongly fasten the two doors together ensuring they can’t be forced apart, no matter how hard a burglar tries. Add state-of-the-art hinges and steel dog bolts and you’ve got a truly safe doorway, that you’ll only be able to access with a key.

Energy Efficiency

With such large glass panels, French Doors are clearly a cause for concern when it comes to energy savings, or it was a concern. At Rockdoor we used all of our resources to develop French Doors that truly live up to modern energy standards.