Guaranteed Not to Bow

Guaranteed Not to Bow

All doors move, the challenge is to manage the move to maintain a smooth operation. Regardless of the materials used in the construction of entrance doors, one thing is for certain, they all want to expand and contract in hot and cold conditions. 

Our decision to revert to Aluminium as our way to reinforce and strengthen our door has resulted in us eliminating bowing of doors. The new extra thick Aluminium box section runs throughout the full inner frame of the door sash for total strength and reliability. 

Just picking up a corner sample of the Next Generation Rockdoor is enough to realise just how strong our doors now are. 


Since we relaunched the Next Generation Rockdoor in June 2019, we are pleased to report that the issue of bowing has been eliminated, with a 0% return rate achieved in the past 12 months. Both internal tests prior to launch in our dedicated environment similar and close monitoring over 30,000 newly installed doors in circulation confirm this.  We will continue to test all our doors to ensure door bowing remains firmly rooted in the past.