‘A’ giant leap forward in Composite Doors

Posted by Lea · June 24th 2014

Products that come complete with eco-friendly credentials are a fact of life these days. So it’s all too easy to forget that this is a very recent development. Yet, as far back as 2007, at Rockdoor we were pushing for a major change in our industry: the introduction of energy ratings for composite doors. We did this because we recognised energy ratings as being valuable both to our customers and the environment.

The UK’s most thermally efficient composite door in its class

Seven years on and our knowledge of the marketplace has been proved right. The growth in public interest in greener products was matched by crucial changes for testing door sets through the introduction of CE marking in 2013. These changes made it harder for composite door manufacturers to achieve an A-Rating. Anticipating the changes with the support of key organisations like BuildCheck means we were able to launch industry-leading A-Rated Composite doors. Our installers and customers are now reaping the many rewards of what is the UK’s most thermally efficient door in its class. Energy ratings are a phenomenal sales tool for our customers, allowing them to close sales against their competitors there and then.

Tested by the best

Having retested all our door sets through Build Check and Certass to ensure they were compliant with the new CE legislation, we came out with flying colours. This result meant we could continue to provide the largest collection of A-Rated composite doors in the industry, with glass designs included. Combining our expertise in composite doors with Buildcheck’s expertise in window testing and product certification, we’re now able to offer industry-leading thermal efficiency. As well as rigorous expert testing, creating a truly innovative product involves the use of many innovative manufacturing techniques. Just one example of this is a 50mm thick door sash, which is first injected with high-density PU foam, then strengthened through the inner frame with carbon fibre reinforcing. Testing has also proven the many environmental advantages of the thermally efficient combination created by our use of soft coat glass and clever press glazed technology.

Credibility built in

While there is undoubtedly a big growth in public appetite, there’s still a great deal of ‘greenwash’ out there. How can homeowners be sure they are choosing a door which will genuinely lower their energy bills and keep their property warner while also offering a high standard of security and style? This is where the credibility of expert testing through Buildcheck comes in. Add to this our own longstanding expertise in the industry and our A-rated composite doors are proving to be great news for our customers – and their customers alike.

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