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A guide to A-Rated Composite Doors by Rockdoor

Posted by Lea · March 26th 2014

Energy efficiency within the home is fast becoming one of the main concerns across the country with homeowners, and for some heating, a home can feel like the best part of paying a second mortgage.

A Guide to A-Rated Composite Doors

An exterior facelift, such as updating your windows and doors not only gives your home better kerb appeal but also the biggest rewards in terms of helping you save money throughout heating bills. With the introduction of CE marking, the industry testing criteria changed, meaning it’s now even harder for other composite door manufacturers to achieve an A-Rated door. This is especially true for composite door manufacturers that use energy ‘inefficient’ timber cores and those making thinner door sashes. At Rockdoor we have retested all our doors with Build Check and certified through Certass to ensure we are fully compliant and the results are astounding – the UK’s largest range of glazed A-Rated doors available – now that’s A fact.

Why are A-Rated doors important?

A composite door is a commonly overlooked feature when updating your homes energy efficiency, yet it’s one of the largest openings of any property. If your home is cold, turning up the thermostat might therefore not always make it warmer, but will certainly increase both your heating bills and carbon emissions. It’s therefore very important that you make sure your composite door is A-Rated to stop the draft, noise and rising heating bills, for more warmth within. Combining A-Rated Windows with A-Rated Composite Doors is a must.

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