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The Importance of Security when Choosing a Back Door

Posted by Lea · April 14th 2014

Much attention is often given to choosing a front door, and understandably so – it’s your home’s face to the world, the entrance to any visitors and guests, and your entry between your home life and the public world around you. However, choosing the right back door for your home can be just as important, and, in some ways more important than choosing the right front door. We’ll show you exactly why a back door is so important, and how to pick one that is the best for your home. Home Security While it is absolutely important to make sure that your front door is truly secure, statistics show that intruders often choose to break in via the back door.

This can be for a few reasons:

  • Lower security – Many people emphasise a strong, secure front door, while leaving a simple, unsecured door at the back of their home. French windows, for instance, are a common point of entry for burglars.
  • Lower visibility – Many back doors open onto gardens, where intruders are less likely to be seen than if they are on the street.
  • The rear of the house – The rear of homes tends to have less activity than the front, especially when the homeowners are asleep or away.

These factors combine to create a situation where intruders often have a much longer time to break in than if they were at the front door, with a much lower chance of being caught or interrupted. Given that back doors are often so much easier to break through, it’s little wonder intruders often choose the rear of a home! Styles of Back Door.

There are three main styles of back doors:

  • Single doors – These standard back doors can come with or without window panes and are our most secure and thermally efficient door.
  • Stable Doors – Made of two pieces, which can open independently of one another, or together. These doors are a great option for letting air in (and out!) of your home or kitchen while keeping animals and young children from passing through the door.
  • French Doors – These glass-paned double doors are an excellent option if you have the option of a large opening at the rear of your house. They’re great for letting light into the home, and let you extend your living room into the garden when summer comes.

Of the three, standard composite back doors are the most thermally efficient and secure, as they have the least areas that could be compromised. We even offer back doors as vault doors, which have no external locking mechanism – a great option for high-crime areas. French doors have a reputation for being insecure, and they’re often the first point of entry for intruders. That’s why we’ve taken the extra care with our range of composite French doors to develop doors that meet the coveted Secured by Design rating. With our French doors, you needn’t compromise on elegance and beauty while keeping your home secure!

Rockdoor, for Guaranteed Security

Fortunately, Rockdoor has the right solution for making sure you have a secure back door, which, combined with a solid front door will leave your home much less vulnerable to intrusion. All of our back doors are designed to have security built into their very core. Using years of experience, research, and independent testing we’ve developed a series of composite back doors that genuinely stand up against intrusion attempts.

That’s the kind of peace of mind that you can only get with tried and tested composite doors from Rockdoor.

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