Burglary Statistic Reinforce the need for Secure Composite Doors

Posted by Lea · January 18th 2018

Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that burglaries are on the increase in the UK, it doesn’t matter if you live in the suburbs or urban areas – If your home isn’t well protected, it’s very likely that you are at risk.

Insurance Business UK states that Money Supermarket’s most recent annual claims analysis states that burglaries are happening throughout the UK with the Guilford area seeing the greatest increase with 52.31 claims per every 1,000 quotes.

Cities such as Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham are all not far behind. Whilst this particular research doesn’t state how the thieves gain access, previous research has indicated that back doors are their favourite, with them often being out of sight and a weaker door.

At Rockdoor we are proud of our doors and their strength. With our Ultimate range of composite doors boasting Carbon Fibre Technology – a material so strong that it’s used in Formula 1 racing cars and fighter jets – a burglar simply wouldn’t be able to gain access by trying to force the door itself.

Carbon Fibre technology is just one of the elements of our Ultimate door range that make Rockdoors 35% stronger than any other composite door on the market. We also use S-Glaze technology so the windows form part of the door itself meaning a glazing unit cannot be prised out, and a 3 star cylinder to ensure locks can’t be picked or interfered with, as we often say, the only way through a Rockdoor is with a key!

We know when choosing a composite door, whether it be front door, back door or french doors, security can sometimes be an afterthought, as the styles are often the first thing you look at, well Rockdoor has combined the two to give you a huge choice of luxury composite doors that are individually made to suit each property perfectly.

Within our Ultimate series of Rockdoors, we have 27 door styles available with a huge number of glass designs to choose from and 13 colours! So there really is no need to compromise!

With insurance companies trying to manage the increase in claims the best they can, it’s now likely that they will lower their premiums for those that have the most robust locks on their windows and external doors. Protect your family with a Rockdoor – Find your local trusted Rockdoor installer today.

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