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Choosing your threshold

Posted by Lea · April 5th 2011

Rockdoor composite doors come with three different threshold styles which are suitable for different applications. An ultra-low threshold measuring only 15mm high, a slim PVC threshold measuring 52mm and a full PVC threshold measuring 72mm.

Choosing the right threshold for your new Rockdoor composite door will ensure you are happy with your choice for years to come. uPVC composite door thresholds?

A threshold for traditional uPVC doors is located at the foot of the door itself to provide a weather-tight seal from the elements. In previous years, uPVC door thresholds featured a solid piece of outer frame that went around the entire door, meaning you had no options but to step over a piece of plastic to gain entry to your home through the front door or back door.

This was considered awkward for many homeowners over the years, but against the benefits of dramatically increased thermal efficiency over timber doors, many opted for the threshold.

Since the introduction of composite doors many homeowners can now benefit from the convenience of a low aluminium threshold, but with excellent thermal efficiency properties due to new technology.

There are 3 different threshold options to choose from for Rockdoor Composite Doors. 1, Low Aluminium (suitable for open-in and open-out doors), 2, Slimline PVC or 3, Full PVC.

What to consider when choosing a threshold?

  • U Value & Thermal Efficiency – whilst all thresholds provide excellent thermal efficiency in line with building regulations, the lower u-values can be found with the full PVC threshold.
  • Functionality – You may require the convenience of a Low Aluminium Threshold if you need disabled access, or if you need to take a pram in and out for example. It also prevents you from tripping over the door threshold when entering the front door or back door.
  • Flooring height – different thresholds are suitable for different applications. Very often flooring heights will dictate what type of threshold is right for your property which your installer may highlight.
  • Flooring style – again different thresholds suit different floor styles, so please talk this through with your Rockdoor installer.

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