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Rockdoor is pleased to confirm that Door Energy Ratings (DER's) are here at long last. 

For over 4 years Rockdoor has been pushing for the introduction of DER's as a simple and widely recognised method of informing customers with regards the energy efficency of Rockdoors. DER's are a voluntary scheme operated by the British Fenestration Ratings Council BFRC.

What are Energy Ratings?Energy Ratings are a simple tool used to inform homeowner about the energy rating of a specific product. The scales go from A being the most energy efficient down to G being the most energy inefficient. This will be no different for Doors, with A rated doors being the most energy efficient.

Energy Rating Labels on Rockdoors

We will shortly be able to introduce a labelling system to help customers identify which Rockdoors are the most energy efficient.This will look exactly like the labelling system currently used foreverything from Windows to Boilers and Washing Machines.