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Keyed Alike Front Doors, Back Doors & French Doors

Posted by Lea · March 16th 2011

Halifax Home Insurance studies have revealed that millions of us lose our keys each year, most of us never change our locks and many of us are unsure exactly who has a key to our front door, back door or even French door.

Worse still, according to Direct Line, most homes are a “burglar’s gift”, with a spare key hidden in the garden or under the doormat! Are you guilty as charged? You’ve probably given a front door, back door or French door key to tradesmen, neighbours, family members and guests over the years without keeping track on their safe return and misplaced other keys due to careless storage.

If like over 60% of the population, you didn’t change the locks when you moved into your home, you can add estate agents, previous owners, the removal company and maintenance workers to the list of likely unauthorized key holders.

No wonder that Home Office statistics reveal that within twelve months of moving into your new home, you are almost twice as likely to be burgled. You’ll be relieved to hear that Rockdoor have a simple solution to your front door, back door and French door security fears, which ends the need for multiple keys!

All Rockdoor doors purchased at the same time have the option to be Keyed Alike. Keyed Alike means that the state of the art, ultra-secure multipoint locks on all your doors; front door, back door, French door and the stable door can be conveniently operated with the same key, as they have the same secure locking barrel!

With only one key to keep track of thanks to Keyed Alike, you can enjoy complete security peace of mind. We’ll even keep a record of your lock so we can match it for future door purchases at your request. In addition to maximum security, by fitting an individually crafted, made to measure Rockdoor front door, back door, French door or stable door you’ll enjoy a host of other benefits.

Our outstanding Rockdoor composite doors are durable, robust, low maintenance and are protected by heat shield technology. In other words, Rockdoor front doors, back doors and French doors are the ultimate combinations of style, practicality and door security.

Invest in a Rockdoor Keyed Alike front door, back door, French door or stable door and you no longer need to be alarmed (pardon the security pun) by the risk of multiple keys compromising your security.

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