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Stable Doors with No Half Measures!

Posted by Lea · March 14th 2011

The quality of a Rockdoor stable door, there’s certainly no half measures in terms of desirability!

A Rockdoor stable door is the ultimate combination of functionality and style.With a stable door as your front door or back door you’ll be unique and stand out from the neighbours, yet also benefit from practicality to suit your lifestyle.

You’ll be able to conveniently open the top half of the stable door to allow fresh air ventilation into your home, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that your children and pets are secure.

A stable door can open inwards or outwards according to your requirements and the two halves can be operated independently or can be locked together to operate as one door.

Crafted in a choice of ten colours and with spy view or view light glass sizes along with a solid version available; you can rely on a Rockdoor stable door to add character to your home.

Stable doors make perfect front doors for traditional cottages as well as fashionable, mainly back doors for more modern urban properties.

The possibility to be a front door or back door gives this half and half door double versatility! Rockdoor stable doors make secure, durable, low maintenance front doors and back doors and come with a ten-year guarantee.

Both halves of a Rockdoor stable door are equipped with a state of the art, high-security multipoint locking system, along with a reinforced inner and outer frame for your total peace of mind. The weather seal ensures the middle join is draught free and leak proof.

Each stable door is individually made to your exact specifications, to ensure it will open and close perfectly every time. With a Rockdoor stable door, there are no half measures in enhancing your home!

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