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Lock Snapping. Not with a Rockdoor

Posted by Lea · January 30th 2020

A burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK, with this time of year being particularly bad due to the long dark winter nights.

But with recent spate of police and press reports of lock snapping on the increase, Rockdoor has moved quickly to reassure customers that their door is totally safe from this epidemic.

Lock snapping describes the process where by a burglar attacks the exposed part of the front facing cylinder, often using mould grips to gain a secure grip to force the cylinder and snap it. This can cause the lock to fail in older cylinders leaving the home vulnerable.

Rockdoors feature the most secure types of locking cylinders available. A TS007 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond Standard cylinder is fitted on all Rockdoors as standard.

An innovative ‘sacrificial’ front section is designed to snap away if attacked by an intruded, which in turn shuts down the locking mechanism and prevents access to the inner working of the lock keeping homeowners safe and secure. To prove just how confident we are about our locks, a 1,000 security guarantee is provided to back this up.

In addition to be Anti Snap resistant, Rockdoor locking cylinders also feature Anti Drill and Anti Pick technology for total security.

So, if you are looking for a secure front door or back door, look no further than Rockdoor.

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