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Rockdoor – Still Looking Great at 25 Years Old!

Posted by Regan · November 21st 2022

Revisiting one of the first Rockdoor composite door installations

The Rockdoor team recently attended a door installation at one of the very first and original Rockdoors to be installed, before the homeowner upgraded to another style from our fantastic range of entrance doors.

Although this door shows us how magnificent a Rockdoor continues to look through time, the homeowner who was a woman in her eighties, decided it was time to upgrade from her traditional looking Rockdoor to a more contemporary option.

Some manufacturing processes may have changed over the course of the last two-and-a-half decades; however, the core values of the Original Composite Door remain the same, which is shown by how fantastic this door looks 25 years later!

The new door was this stunning agate grey Vogue Cube, displayed beautifully below here, to replace this classical Ayres with a stunning Renaissance glass design on the right, which was manufactured in 1997, a year after Rockdoor was founded.

Updating a classic Rockdoor design!

The above door features some classic design elements such as the male mouldings protruding on the lower half of the door and a timeless glass design, that much like the rest of the door has stood the test of time.

The Ayres door was revamped to feature female mouldings and other design elements were updated too, and this style is now called a Georgia, which makes up one of our 28 Rockdoor door styles. Although we no longer manufacture the Ayres, there are still processes that we use that have continued through to the modern day, such as our S-Glaze technology which even 25 years later, ensures the glass is still in perfect condition!

We are still the only composite door manufacturer to use this process, which results in your home becoming more thermally efficient, and not only that, but it also contributes to your door being labelled as the most secure composite door on the UK market. This is because potential intruders are unable to remove the glazing as they would be able to with traditional clip-on cassettes, to access to your home. Instead, the glazing is built into all Rockdoors, forming part of the door itself rather than a removable item.

Why did a long time Rockdoor customer choose a new Rockdoor… Again?

As well as our S-Glaze technology, we have designed and innovated even further over the last 25+ years, continuing to use the best components to create the most secure composite door, such as an industry leading three-star diamond lock cylinder, a reinforced inner frame which is 60% stronger than a standard composite door, and optional wire mesh reinforcing.

Our newer door styles such as this stunning Vogue Cube, make up just one of several from our contemporary range of secure, thermally efficient entrance doors.

Made up of a stunning 3D glass design, a calming Agate Grey colour, matched with our beautiful rose handle set amongst other stainless-steel door furniture, it is clear to see why the homeowner chose this particular Rockdoor.

The Vogue Cube is just one of the many styles of entrance doors that we offer, to find out more about our selection of front doors, back doors and stable doors for your home, you can create your dream door using our 3D door designer. Or simply contact one of our Rockdoor Trusted Installers for a free, no obligation quote.

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