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Festive Season at Rockdoor

Posted by Regan · December 22nd 2022

It’s Christmas!

With Christmas less than a week away, we have loved being tagged in so many fabulous posts of festive doors, with loads more still coming in.

Check out some of our favourite Rockdoor front doors, back doors and side doors installed in our customer’s homes!

Keeping it traditional

Whilst we think all Rockdoor composite doors look fantastic all year round, there is something quite wonderful about a floral wreath attached to a Newark.

Granted we probably say the same thing every year, but this door truly is the ultimate door for Christmas, with a centre knob positioned perfectly to hang any decorations you wish! Perfectly installed by Howarth and Winnard in Wigan.

‘Tis the season

One of our more traditional doors, this Irish oak English Cottage is another perfect door to hang your wintery wreaths around!

The colour complements the door perfectly and is fashionable in all seasons, and the Christmas decorations are just made for a door like this.

A contemporary Christmas

Now this is a new classic. Mixing modern and festive vibes for the holidays is a combination we are seeing more and more of!

This beautiful Vermont with some fantastic decorations is one of our favourites this year and was expertly installed by HML Windows & Doors of Coatbridge.

To view your dream door, why not check out or 3D door designer, or if you have your door already in mind, find an installer in your area today.

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