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9 Modern Door Styles That Will Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic

Posted by s.shabbir · July 4th 2024

When it comes to home design, doors are a statement of style and a first impression that sets the tone for the entire property. As architectural trends evolve, contemporary and modern door styles have surged in popularity, reflecting the shift towards sleek, minimalist aesthetics and innovative functionality.

From bold, geometric designs to seamless finishes that blend with the high security and thermal efficiency rates that Rockdoor are known for. Our range of modern composite doors offers a variety of popular designs in stunning colours, ensuring that you find the ideal match to enhance your home’s aesthetic and lifestyle.

Contemporary or modern-style doors are known for their sleek design, clean lines and minimalist appeal such as the Vermont, Vogue and the newer Dune Retreat. Explore our full range of contemporary door styles below – which one will you choose?

Vermont Door Style

The Vermont door is a stunning contemporary door style that suits modern homes perfectly. Featuring four rectangular mouldings at each side of the glazing aperture, Vermont is a contemporary door style that stands out for all the right reasons.

As with all Rockdoors, the Vermont is made to measure and therefore, can be customised to the exact specifications you want.

Available with seven glass designs, including those exclusive to the Vermont door, the Quadra and Continuity (featured on the image to the left) and in our full range of colours, with the choice of a bar handle or lever handle – the choice is all yours.

Vogue Door Style

The Vogue Door is a best seller for a reason – it’s stunning.

Featuring a subtle rectangular moulding under the glazing, the Vogue can modernise an already traditional property or give a new dimension to an already contemporary home. The Vogue will quite literally, suit any home.

With the large central glazing unit, the Vogue door lets natural light flood your entranceway whilst providing an excellent level of privacy when paired with one of our bespoke glass designs.

The Haze and Archer (featured on the image to the right) are two of the most popular glass designs with the Vogue, making an already contemporary door design even more so.

Manhattan Door Style

Featuring five equally spaced square glazing apertures the Manhattan is one of our most contemporary designs, particularly when paired with the ultra modern 3D curve glass design (featured on the image to the left) – exclusive to the Manhattan.

Our Manhattan door is available in our full range of colours, however, the most popular is Anthracite Grey, a modern colour that has grown in popularity over the last 5 years!

Typically paired with a round or square bar handle the Manhattan can instantly update your home to be more contemporary.

Aspen Door Style

Newly released in Summer 2023, the Aspen is the perfect mix of elegance and contemporary. With the long panelling moulding design and central elongated glazing, it is the perfect door to modernise a home.

Available with a selection of glass designs, the Shade is the obvious choice for those wanting a modern and contemporary front door. The 3D glass design gives an already modern design a showstopping edge.

The Aspen will undoubtedly be the envy of all your neighbours. You can use our door designer to customise the Aspen with various colours, handles, letterplates, and more to match your preferences.

Classic Door Style

Our Classic door is just that – a classic. The simplicity of the classic door oozes modern simplicity.

Modern and contemporary don’t always have to mean linear mouldings and 3D glass designs. A simple design is often just as striking.

Typically used as a back door, our Classic door style allows light to flood the kitchen or rear entrance and let the outside in, without letting the cold in.

Dune Vision Door Style

The Dune Vision really is our ultra-modern door style.

When creating the Dune, we truly ripped up the rule book! The Dune doesn’t feature the woodgrain texture that most composite doors have. Instead, the Dune features a stunning skin that mimics desert sand dunes.

The sand dune texture runs seamlessly from one edge of the door to the next. The Dune Vision features a 238mm wide glazing aperture, allowing light to flood your hallway or entrance way.

Dune Retreat Door Style

The Dune Retreat features the same sand dune texture as the Dune Vision, however, features a smaller glazing aperture that is 118mm wide.

As with the Dune Vision, the sand dune texture on the Dune Retreat seamlessly flows to both edges of the door, making it a showstopper of a front door!

To give the Dune retreat a further contemporary edge pair it with one of our stunning bar handles, available as an offset or inline – there are so many choices to make the door perfect for you and your style.

Dakota Door Style

The Dakota screams contemporary with its clean lines, and four perfectly situated central square mouldings, making it a solid yet sleek design door.

The Dakota is a versatile door that we’ve seen on brand new modern properties. However, we’ve also seen it on more traditional homes that need updating and modernising – it’s a door style that works on any property.

The Dakota can be paired with both bar handles and lever handles whilst maintaining its contemporary edge.

Indiana Door Style

The Indiana is another solid door style that oozes modern sophistication.

The Indiana features five perfectly spaced vertical mouldings giving the door a contemporary dimension whilst providing a solid, secure door style that will turn your neighbours green with envy.

The Dakota is a door style that looks great in any colour, from the Light Oak (featured in the image to the left) to the popular Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

Personalise your door design and have it expertly installed

So, which modern door style do you prefer?

If you have specific requirements and would like to create a door that perfectly suits your taste and complements your property, our 3D Door Designer tool is here for you—and it’s FREE to use! With it, you can customise every detail to match your preferences.

Once your design is complete, find a local installer to get that door expertly installed, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Let us help you bring your dream door to life effortlessly.

Wrapping up

The modern door styles offer a diverse range of options to suit various aesthetic preferences and architectural designs. From the striking design of the Vermont door to the sleek sophistication of the Vogue, each style brings its unique flair to any space.

Whether you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a blend of contemporary and classic elements, these door styles provide the perfect gateway to enhancing the character and functionality of an original composite door for your home.

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