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Posted by Lea · August 22nd 2014

Rockdoor composite doors, renowned across the UK for its strength and security, has grown rapidly the last few years and have been involved in several television programmes where style, security and energy efficiency are the main concerns.

In episode 3, season 3 of Sarah Beeny’s property show Double Your House for Half the Money Rockdoor was used as the finishing touch for Jim and Elaine’s dream house. Electrician Jim and his partner Elaine lives in the little town Hitchin in Hertfordshire, in an uninspiring 1960s semi-detached house in need of some modernisation. With a budget of only 50k and a tight deadline, they set out to extend their home for their growing family.

Rockdoor, together with Swish Doors was asked to upgrade their old panel door to the ultimate in security and thermal efficiency, keeping the family safe and secure for many years to come. The panel was removed and replaced by an Ultimate Jacobean composite door in Grey with a stunning Apollo glass design and misted side frames.

Jacobean is one of Rockdoors most popular designs, providing homeowners with traditional good looks joined with high security locks and a carbon fibre reinforced frame, making it the strongest and most elegant composite door available.

The couple stuck to budget and without breaking the bank moving to their dream house (worth £600,000) they got the house of their dreams, saving an impressive £240,000.

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