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Rockdoor invite Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

Posted by Lea · October 13th 2014

Earlier last week Rockdoor hosted Merseyside Fire & Rescue service, after their request to practise gaining entry to our doors which are installed across the country – both domestically and commercially.

We accepted their direct service request from their Chief Training Officer as in the past it has been difficult for their team to gain access through Rockdoors using standard fire and rescue equipment due to them being so strong and secure. With this in mind, we wanted to assist in making sure the emergency services can gain access through our doors as quickly as possible, especially when a person’s life is at stake.

The Fire and Rescue service have had to invest in new high-tech cutting equipment to ensure they can gain entry. (Their high-tech cutting equipment isn’t something your average burglar carries around as they are heavy to carry and are extremely loud when operating). Whilst it gives us reassurance that our doors are extremely strong, it’s also our social responsibility to ensure we help the emergency services as much as we can.

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