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The Importance of A-Rated Windows and Doors

Posted by Lea · October 8th 2014

You can’t go too wrong when it comes to A-rated products – it’s as simple as it seems; an A-rated window or composite door is better than a C-rated window or door.

The rating is a measurement of how thermally efficient a product is, based on a scale that runs between A and G with A being the most thermally efficient and G being the least thermally efficient. This is also determined by the product’s U-value – the lower its U-value, the better its thermal insulation.

A-Rated Rockdoors

As you’d expect, Rockdoor has the highest proportion of A-rated glazed composite doors in the industry. We use many innovative techniques in making our composite doors more thermally efficient than our competitors – like using low-emissivity soft coated glass, providing that extra layer of insulation around the double-glazed window pane in the door, and also filling our glazing with Argon gas – giving the pane the extra density it needs to slow down heat loss through the glass itself.

Carbon fibre reinforcement is also used to give a Rockdoor a huge advantage in thermally efficient composite doors. Carbon fibre acts differently to steel, aluminium or wood common in other doors, meaning heat loss through thermal transfer is vastly reduced in Ultimate Rockdoors.

Government Legislation

Recently the government have placed in enforcements to make A-rated windows mandatory in newly constructed buildings. This has been done as part of a scheme to tackle the problem of inefficient energy use in the UK.

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