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There Are Few Guarantees In Life… Except A Rockdoor!

Posted by Lea · July 11th 2011

There are few guarantees in life… relationships, finances, jobs, the stock market, the weather – just when you think you know what’s happening; the only guarantee is that the picture will all change again! Invest in a composite front door, back door, stable door or a French Door from Rockdoor and for once, you won’t be disappointed!

Rockdoor composite doors are the ultimate combination of aesthetics, functionality and security. With a front door, back door, stable door or French Door from Rockdoor there’s no need to compromise! You can rely on a Rockdoor composite door to add distinctive charm and elegance to your property, as the authentic wood grain of a Rockdoor front door, back door or stable door is almost identical to a classic external timber door.

In contrast to the narrow colour spectrum of UPVC doors, Rockdoor composite doors are manufactured in a selection of styles and colours, including white, black, red, blue, green, grey and natural wood shades, ranging from light oak to mahogany. With so much choice, you can be certain a Rockdoor front door, back door or stable door will enhance your home, whether modern or traditional.

Rockdoor’s investment in years of research and revolutionary technology has enabled us to develop composite doors that you can be assured are robust, durable, fully weatherproofed and therefore maintenance-free!

Avoiding the labour intensive draw backs associated with the effects of weathering on exterior wooden doors, namely fading, peeling, chipping, sanding, painting and warping is sure to delight you and will definitely shorten your ‘to-do’ list! Rockdoor front doors, back doors, stable doors and French Doors are certified as ‘easy clean’; a quick wash with warm soapy water will keep your composite doors looking as good as new, year after year. If only everything in life was so simple!

Better news still, with a thermal efficient front door, back door, stable door and French Door from Rockdoor, you can bet your bottom dollar you will save money on your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint for good measure! Millimetre precision manufacture according to your exact specifications ensures composite doors offer six times the heat insulation of timber exterior doors and re-assuringly outperform UPVC doors in terms of energy efficiency and draught elimination.

With individual crafting for a perfect fit, Rockdoor front doors, back doors, stable doors and French Doors also bring the added advantage of being soundproofed! Rockdoor front doors, back doors and stable doors won’t let you down when it comes to security. Rockdoor composite doors feature a state of the art, multipoint locking system and a reinforced inner and outer frame, for your total peace of mind.

As a composite door automatically locks behind you, there’s no risk of invalidating your insurance policy due to leaving the door unlocked. Rockdoor composite doors are as safe as houses, far exceeding industry standards and the security levels of UPVC doors. Whereas you can almost guarantee it will rain on a Bank Holiday, that your toast will land butter side down when you drop it and that the one time you are five minutes late back to your car you’ll have a parking ticket, you can depend on a Rockdoor composite door for a positive experience!

At double the thickness of a UPVC door and similar in weight to an exterior wooden door, Rockdoor front doors, back doors , stable doors and French Doors are guaranteed for ten years but generally last an impressive three decades or more, making them definite value for money! As the market leader with an enviable reputation for quality, every Rockdoor composite door brings with it guaranteed style, functionality, durability, security – and satisfaction!

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