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What does an English Mastiff and a Rockdoor have in common?

One of the most sturdy, heaviest and well-built dog breeds around, the English Mastiff is as solid as a rock! So naturally, it has plenty of synergies with Rockdoor.

 Weighing up to 113kg (or 17 stone), the English Mastiff has a gentle temperament, but can ward off potential burglars and intruders thanks to their sheer size, scale and presence.

Like the English Mastiff, Rockdoors are strong, heavy and sturdy making them the strongest composite door available. The heavier and stronger the door, the more secure it is meaning burglars can’t get through. With an Aluminium reinforced inner frame, 50mm thick door sash and high impact PVC-U door skins, a Rockdoor is as strong as they come. 

 Find out more here about Rockdoor Security.

What’s Next?

We’ll be posting another cute dog picture here next week, so stay tuned……