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Will A Smart Doorbell Keep Your Home Secure?

Posted by Regan · December 21st 2022

What is a Smart Doorbell?

They have become a modern alternative to a traditional doorbell in recent years, thanks to their advances such as night-vision cameras which their recordings can be viewed from an application on your mobile devices – whether you are at work, or just sat in the living room, they are convenient for many homeowners.

Apart from convenience though, it is believed that the camera features act as a deterrent for any criminals or intruders looking to burgle a property thanks to their ability to record and capture live images in high quality resolution.

Whilst security may be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to picking a smart doorbell, you need to ask yourself: “Are they really going to stop my home from being burgled?” and consider other systems and products in place for your safety and security.

Why Rockdoor is a better security option

There is no denying how capable smart doorbells are. Answering the door from the comfort of your office or bedroom is something people could have only dreamed of a couple of decades ago, but whilst they can be a useful security measure for your home, they should not be mistaken as a complete alternative to a proper security system, as relying on the camera of a smart doorbell to act as the sole deterrent might not always work.

To simply put it, there is no doorbell that will prevent an intruder from entering your home, unlike a Rockdoor, which has a number of measures to keep your home safe.

All our Rockdoor’s feature the best security measures possible for a composite door, including our very own S-Glaze technology, which ensures the glazing forms part of the door rather than a removable item.

Other security features include an aluminium reinforced sub-frame, a high-density polyurethane foam core, multi-point locking systems, a three-star diamond lock cylinder and optional wire mesh reinforcing.

We offer the most secure composite door in the UK for a reason, we won’t be beaten on security. In addition to this, we are also able to offer our doors designed to specification in line with the Police backed accreditation ‘Secured by Design.’

What about a smart doorbell on a Rockdoor?

This combination of both security and style from a Rockdoor and the camera-based technology could be the perfectly matched deterrent for any intruders looking to gain access to your home.

Mixing an existing Rockdoor with a smart doorbell could definitely be useful if you are looking to modernise your traditional doorbell, but you definitely shouldn’t rely on a smart doorbell alone.

Not only this, but statistically, the majority of home break-ins occur through the back door or side door of your home, where there isn’t going to be a doorbell positioned anyway!

You can’t rely on a doorbell alone to keep your home secure. Let Rockdoor help you with that. Our locks even come with a £2,000 security guarantee, for that extra peace of mind you need, which no smart doorbell would even consider offering!

To view your dream entrance door on your house, visit our 3D door designer and choose from over 25 door styles and multiple colours, or if you already know what you have in mind, find an installer in your area today.

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