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Composite Has No Competition…

Posted by Lea · January 27th 2012

Once upon a time I was a highly desirable symbol of class, good taste and quality. Now I’m a shadow of my former self, unable to compete with the cutting edge technology of composite doors, which combine aesthetics as stunning as mine, with minimal maintenance, fuel efficiency and ultra-security.

Elegant in my youth, I’m now shabby and self-conscious, as I haven’t been given the TLC sanding and painting I need to rectify the fading, peeling, flaking, sticking, cracking and warping effects of weathering we wooden doors suffer from. I wish I could be reborn as a composite front door, and then I’d retain my stylish good looks and realistic wood grain appearance year after year, with just a low maintenance occasional bath in warm soapy water.

As a composite door, I could be white, black, red, blue, green, grey or even a natural wood shade, such as light oak or mahogany. Oh, the possibilities… If I was a Rockdoor composite door I could even be a different colour on the inside and outside to complement both your internal decor and your windows and roofline. It’s so cold in the winter too, especially during the big freeze of recent years.

If I was a composite door I’d have been manufactured with millimetre precision for a perfect fit so would be draught proofed. I’d also have an insulating foam core to make me six times more thermally efficient than I am as a wooden door. As a composite door, you’d love me for lowering your energy bills by preventing heat escaping and the environment would love you for a minimised carbon footprint!

I also suffer from stranger danger. When I see visitors approaching I panic in case my locks let me down. If I was a Rockdoor composite door, I’d be fitted with a state of the art, multipoint locking system and live in a reinforced inner and outer frame for security peace of mind.

Try as I might, I’m never going to beat a composite door to the title of the most secure door on the market, especially as composite doors can be Keyed Alike. Keyed Alike means one key can conveniently open the front door and my back door and French Door siblings, to end the security risks of assorted keys which have the potential to go missing. My pride was further dented when I realised how weak I am in comparison with a composite door.

A composite door is similar in weight and width to me but whereas I am weakened when I contract and expand in hot and cold weather, a composite door remains stable throughout seasonal temperature changes and therefore retains its strength. I accept defeat.

As a traditional wooden door, I can’t compete with Rockdoor composite doors any more. With their ten year guarantee and ultimate combination of aesthetics and supreme functionality, please allow me to retire graciously and let composite doors lead the way.

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