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Don’t move, just Improve? Well not anymore

Posted by Lea · November 12th 2013

The old saying “don’t move, just improve” was taken on board by many homeowners throughout the depths of the recession, as the housing market ground to a halt.

At Rockdoor we experienced this first hand, as we manufactured thousands upon thousands of secure composite doors to customers that were simply looking to give their home an affordable facelift. After all, the expense of changing all your windows and doors was understandably too great for many, but installing a new colourful composite door wasn’t.

Improve to move

However, over recent months we have seen increasing demand coming from homeowners who are looking to move house, as the economy finally turns the corner. Buyers are now coming back to the housing market which is being helped by government initiatives such as the help to buy scheme. Prime matters on buyers’ minds are the safety and energy efficiency of a new home. So, buying a new composite door, with the excellent security and energy-efficient ratings that Rockdoor carry, has become a popular choice in home renovation.

Making a great first and last impression

Homeowners, who are making a real effort to improve their property by installing a new thermally efficient composite door, are the ones that will find the most success in selling their home. Your door is one of the first thing buyers see when they pull up outside your property, and it’s one of the last things they see on their way out. This means that by having a drafty, un-secure and a cold wooden front door that needs constantly painting you aren’t leaving the best impression with potential buyers. So before deciding to list your property with a local estate agent, why not consider a secure, thermally efficient Rockdoor composite door to completely transform your home?

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