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Get Summer Ready With These Rockdoor Styles

Posted by Regan · May 31st 2023

Get Rockdoor ready

There is something that you simply can’t put into words about the summer months. Whether it’s the uplifting mood from the weather, the longer days and shorter nights, all the way through to trying on your summer wardrobe, it is undoubtedly a great time in the year, one where our summer doors shine through.

As we say goodbye to those cold, dark winter days for another few months at least, our Rockdoor doors are on hand to incorporate plenty of light to shine into your home through our range of front doors, back doors and stable doors!

Here we show some of our favourite summer entrance doors we have seen at Rockdoor recently to give you a glimpse of how well our doors look and perform in the sun.

Colours can be versatile

If you are looking for any inspiration for a modern take on a classic door, then you have come to the right place!

We went to visit this stunning property at @homeatno__9 that features one of our favourite traditional composite door styles in the glorious summer sun – the Newark with Iris glass design for a contrasting modern touch, to match the features in the hallway.

Although black is a darker choice of colour, this is a perfect example from one of our fantastic range of entrance doors, showing just exactly how versatile a Rockdoor looks in different seasons.

Brighten up your home

Chartwell green is one of our absolute favourites for a summer door.

The bright, warming tones of the lighter shade of green allow our doors to stand out from the rest of the street but also to brighten up any property in general.

Emma from @our_little_home2home_reno shows just how well the colour goes, with her gorgeous Chartwell Green English Cottage.

The bold contrast between the traditional tiles in the hallway alongside the contemporary art make our Rockdoor part of this wonderful, homely entrance, made up of a number of different elements that work so harmoniously together.

Let the door do the talking

Growing hugely in popularity over the last couple of years, agate grey has become a mainstay choice of colour for those seeking contemporary additions to their homes.

This bold Agate Grey Vogue Cube showcases just that, with the summer sun really bringing out the intricacy of the door design, from the woodgrain of the door skin all the way through to the gorgeous 3D glass design.

A modern door that forms part of a fantastic entrance to a home, all in all letting the door shine on the property itself.

If our summer doors have inspired you, then why not head over to our 3D door designer to create your dream door, or if you know what you have in mind then find a local installer in your area today.

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