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The Instagram dream Home at 242

Posted by Lea · January 22nd 2021

Home at 242 on Instagram

When it comes to our social media accounts, we try and share the best photos to inspire other homeowners.

Whether you have a terrace property or a detached new build, we believe there is a Rockdoor for every home. When it comes to finding exciting new pictures of our composite doors, these can come from our installers or homeowners. But often our favourite photos are found on Instagram.

Home renovation accounts

With the boom in popularity of home renovation accounts on Instagram, we see more and more home improvements every day. And what home improvement could be more important than a new front or back door?

Lyndsey over at @Home_at_242 has renovated her 3 bed semi-detached in Liverpool. Documenting her renovation on Instagram, we have watched her turn it into a stunning dream property to aspire to. The entire transformation is incredible and she has given other homeowners the confidence and home improvement tips to renovate their own homes.

The house (and Instagram account) went viral at the end of last year, which now boasts over 175k Instagram followers. With such an incredibly stylish and unique home – what else could you choose for the entrance and focal point of your house?

The Rockdoor Irish oak Indiana

Lyndsey has chosen a beautiful Irish oak Indiana to protect her home and family. The Indiana is one of our only doors without a glazed panel. However the door is surrounded by side panels and a fan light to ensure the hallway is flooded with light. The Irish oak Rockdoor features a colour co-ordinating Irish oak frame.

We think the Irish oak looks fantastic with the properties anthracite grey uPVC windows. Contemporary and stylish, the door suits the property perfectly. So much so we couldn’t imagine any other door giving her home the ‘wow factor’ it deserves.

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Take a step towards securing your home and head to the Rockdoor door designer today to design a door on our new 3D portal! This enables you to choose colours, glass designs and furniture, whilst letting you zoom in and out, spinning the door, all in amazing clarity. Because all of our doors are bespoke and made to measure, meaning you can design your Rockdoor exactly how you want it.

After you have designed your door, you can then find a Trusted Rockdoor Installer who can give you a quote and guide you through the entire process.

Visit Home at 242’s Instagram page!

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