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From when we entered the first lockdown back on the 23rd March 2020, homeowners were told to follow Government guidelines to stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS.

This advice not only saved many lives, it fundamentally changed our day to day living. One of the many positive changes was the significant reduction in crime, in particular burglaries during the many months of forced lockdown, with homes being occupied for large parts of the day whilst restrictions were in place, meaning burglars were deterred from breaking in for fear of being caught.

Since restrictions were lifted in July, crime and burglaries have increased across the UK as the population started going back to work, socialising and shopping, meaning homes being left empty again for large parts of the day.

Former Policeman and television personality Rav Wilding recently discussed this disturbing trend on the BBC’s ‘Morning Live’ show and provided some useful tips homeowners should consider to prevent being burgled.

Of particular interest was Rav’s view on tatty front doors, which he indicated could tip off potential thieves that security isn’t the homeowners top priority, therefore sadly making them a possible target of crime.

If a front door is tatty and unkept, this often means it’s not secure and doesn’t benefit from the latest composite door security available such as multi point locks, 3 star lock cylinders, toughened glass and s-glaze technology like all Rockdoors do. Ravs comments are even more alarming when considering most burglaries are through back doors, and often if the front door is tatty the back door is even worse, leaving the homeowner more exposed.

Other interesting observations Rav made included not leaving flyers or post hanging out of the letterbox, or not having a car on the drive, as these are clear indications nobody is home.

As we enter the winter months with long dark nights, it’s particularly important homeowners consider crime prevention strategies to protect their loved ones. Having a stylish front door is not only important to avoid looking tatty, it also sends an important message to would-be thieves.

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