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Keeping You Secure With Our Newest Lock

Posted by Regan · February 8th 2023

It’s already a classic

There has never been a better time to upgrade to one of our composite doors, with the introduction of our brand-new locking mechanism – The Heritage Plus lock!

This reliable and secure new lock helps contribute towards the safeguarding of your home, whilst adding to the natural beauty of your door, to impress neighbours and family alike.

Our new Heritage Plus lock combines a multi-point locking system that uses steel hooks to secure onto the frame, with the latch positioned centrally whilst the keyhole is raised for improved functionality and convenience.

Available now with our fantastic range of front doors, back doors and side doors, this new lock showcases and exceeds the standards of security we pride ourselves on at Rockdoor.

Style without compromising on security

Our priority at Rockdoor has always been keeping homeowners across the nation safe and secure, so with constant innovation and development, our security features make us stand out from other composite door manufacturers.

Unlike traditional Heritage locks, instead of the latch being positioned next to the keyhole, our Heritage Plus lock latch is cleverly positioned in the centre of the door, regardless of the shoulder height keyhole position ensuring the very best in security.

Not only does this lock improve the aesthetic of our Rockdoors’ by leaning towards the look of the classic timber doors from the late eighties and nineties that inspired Rockdoor styles such as the Newark and Jacobean, but it also uses modern automatic locking technology to secure your home.

In addition to this, our new Heritage Plus lock can be paired with Rockdoor’s Switch Latch (left) for a keyless entry when needed!

Instant lock, instant favourite

Because of the clever positioning of the finger pull, this removes the need for a night latch on popular doors such as the Newark and looks just as good on our more contemporary range of doors, such as the Vermont either with a bar handle or just the finger pull.

You won’t ever need to worry again about locking your door on the way out. With Rockdoor’s Heritage Plus lock, we can guarantee instant security for you and your family.

Complete with an automatic locking system, the new Heritage Plus lock uses chamfered steel hooks that are thrown whenever the door closes, which is a brand-new feature for our composite doors, traditionally the handle would have to be raised once closed to engage properly.

This is thanks to a magnetic sensor that throws the top and bottom hooks that allow the door to latch onto the outerframe of the door. This not only improves the integrity of the door but allows for easier functionality and increases the overall performance of the door and preventing uninvited entry.

The choice is yours

Combined with a period style finger pull or a classic escutcheon for the finishing touches of the Heritage Plus, which both allow for seamless and effortless door opening, whilst flawlessly retaining the integrity of your home.

Why not check out our new Heritage Plus lock on our 3D door designer, or if you already have your dream entrance door in mind, find a local installer in your area today.

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