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Don’t Move, Improve!

Posted by Regan · January 26th 2023

Why move when you can improve?

One of the unfortunate realities of the cost-of-living crisis is that many banks are unable to offer fairly priced mortgage rates, which isn’t favourable for many.

Whilst people are being priced out of moving to their dream homes for now, there are a few things you can do to help you fall back in love with the house you were thinking about leaving, without breaking the bank.

This will also leave you enough money to move in the future when competitive interest rates return to the market. In some cases, you could even add value to your property!

Often when homeowners are looking to move or improve their homes, the focus is on the décor such as the colour of their walls or carpet, when actually there’s ways to improve your home that can really transform a property, whether you decide to stay or move later down the line, just a few simple switches can increase the value of your home.

Brighten your living space

Over the last 10 years, open living has become an increasingly popular trend, often resulting in homeowners wanting to flood a living area with bright, natural light, incorporating the outdoors into the indoors.

Which is likely why our range of stunning French doors have become so popular throughout homes in the UK over the last decade. Thanks to their expertly crafted, large glazing features, they will guarantee light into any living space, whether that be your kitchen, living room or other social area within your home.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the living space to facilitate French doors, we have a number of other suitable options that will still guarantee an abundance of light into your home. These are the Classic and the Windsor, two beautiful door styles that ensure that extra light, thanks to their large glazing units.

Another increasingly popular style is one of our extremely versatile Stable doors, which brings the outdoors to life inside your home, thanks to the independently working upper and lower leaves. This means you can enjoy the surrounds of your garden from inside your home whilst not having to worry about your pets or children wandering outside!

The most thermally efficient composite door in the UK

It goes without saying that you may want to let the light in your home, but another incredibly important factor when deciding an entrance door, is that you certainly don’t want to let the cold in or let heat escape.

At Rockdoor we’re proud to say that the majority of our doors, including our French doors and stable doors, achieve a Door Set Energy rating of A-C, to which we offer the largest range of A-C rated composite doors available in the UK.

Whilst a number of factors make our doors extremely thermally efficient, such as a high-density polyurethane foam core, a 3mm thick PVC-U skin and an aluminium reinforced inner frame to capture and keep your home insulated properly, it is our S-Glaze technology that truly puts our door above our competitors.

This is because Rockdoor glazing acts as a fully sealed barrier between the cold outside and your warm home.

Typically, door glass is fitted into glazing cassettes of entrance doors, which are often lacklustre, and can lead to incredibly annoying draughts and winds inside your home, whereas our glazing makes up part of the door itself rather than a removable object, which eradicates the problem entirely.

The most secure composite door in the UK

If you were perhaps thinking of moving home due to security concerns where you live, let Rockdoor, the UK’s most secure composite door, help you feel safe again in your own home.

Security matched with style and efficiency, takes the top priority of all our Rockdoors’ – combine multi-point hooks with a 25mm throw, together with a completely burglar proof lock, and an aluminium reinforced sub-frame that’s over 60% stronger than a typical composite door, the finished result is a standard Rockdoor!

Our S-Glaze technology also plays a pivotal part in the security of your home too, with the glass encapsulated as part of the door, potential intruders are unable to remove the glass and gain entry to your home through the glazing cassettes, something which often happens with typical composite doors.

We are so confident that we offer the most secure composite door on the market, that we even offer a £2,000 security guarantee with our locking cylinders to give you that extra peace of mind.

Our doors also come with the option to be Secured by Design certified, to make the most secure composite door even more secure! So, you can rest assured that intruders can’t gain access to your home through our doors.

Style secured With Rockdoor

With a range of door styles available, whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve, Rockdoor can help you achieve it.

Whether you want to let more natural light inside or increase the security of your home, Rockdoor can help you with your home improvement goals, which will make you realise that living in your current home for just a little while longer will be extra worthwhile.

With nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience behind us, there are so many reasons that the Original Composite Door is also the nation’s favourite!

To view your dream door on your home, visit our 3D door designer, or if you already have a door in mind, then find a local trusted installer in your area.

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