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New & Improved Satin Chrome Door Furniture for Rockdoor

Posted by Lea · January 31st 2013

We are pleased to inform Rockdoor customers that Ultimate Series Rockdoors are now available with ‘new and improved’ Fab n Fix Hardex-Graphite Satin Chrome Handles, Letterplates, Knockers and Numerals as standard.

Hardex- Graphite Satin Chrome Handles, Letterplates, Knockers and Numerals are designed to significantly improve the weatherability over and above the existing product offering.

Leading Industry Standard

The Electro Finish used in the production process allows for superior performance over and above the industry norm. Most notably, Hardex Graphite Satin Chrome is 4 x better than similar products on the market when tested for corrosion resistance, UV resistance and abrasion resistance making it perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather climate. It’s also astonishingly 10 x more robust for smear resistance against competitor products used on composite doors.

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