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New Rehau Outer Frame Improves Performance

Posted by Lea · October 23rd 2020

Rockdoor’s new Rehau outer frame provides improved performance benefits for customers

The recent introduction of a new Rehau outerframe for Rockdoor has been well received by customers across the country.

The switch to Rehau profile was a clear choice, as it enabled Rockdoors in-house R&D team to produce clear and tangible product improvements that enhance the overall performance of our door.

Rehau profile is not only stronger, it features a deeper rebate that is better suited to the 50mm thick door sash of a Rockdoor. This means the door sits flush within the frame for better aesthetics, but it also allows better gaskets to be used.

Using a better gasket facilitates better door compression, which ultimately provides the homeowner with a better experience when opening and closing a door. It also allows installers the movement and flexibility they require when installing the door.

Whilst already well known for being the most secure composite door available, Rockdoor has gone even further with the introduction of steel to reinforce the outerframe.

Using steel allows the door hinges and locking components to engage into the steel that is encased in the PVC-U profile. This means the fix between the door frame and the door sash is over 50% stronger (as independently tested), making a Rockdoor even more secure keeping families safe from intruders.

These features, plus other significant improvements made in recent months such as aluminium innerframe reinforcing, ensure Rockdoors will stand the test of time.

All Rockdoor now ordered feature a Rehau System 70 chamfered Rehau frame as standard.

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